February 28th 2020



The European Commission will unveil details today (Wednesday) of a major initiative to create greater protection for digital users.
It is expected to address issues such as online privacy, artificial intelligence, security and operating standards.

♪ Music from Belgium and Italy.♫

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January 10th 2020

Jan 10th 2020

Auf der Walz


In a certain tradition, the journeyman years (Wanderjahre) are a time of travel for several years after completing apprenticeship as a craftsman.The tradition dates back to medieval times and is still alive in France and the German-speaking countries.Normally three years and one day is the minimum period of journeyman/woman. Crafts include roofing, metalworking, woodcarving, carpentry and joinery, and even millinery and musical instrument making/organ building.

This week “Europe Today” spoke to Janus Hoffman from Hamburg in Germany about this fascinating life style choice.

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