October 16th 2022

Oct 16th 2022


Coming up on today’s programme We are talking to Birdwatch Ireland Spokesperson Niall Hatch about the EU Habitat directive and all that currently entails especially for his organisation.
We’ll have a rundown on some of the stories of European interest that have been making the headlines here in Ireland. We’ll be hearing the concerns of some of our MEP’s and we’ll also have some great up to the minute music from Portugal and Spain for your enjoyment as well.

Transparency International Ireland.

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October 09th 2022

Oct 09th 2022

Ireland West airport

The Government needs to petition the European Commission to relax State-aid rules to help regional airports like Knock and Donegal to develop and expand.
That’s the call from Sinn Fein’s MEP Chris MacManus. He was speaking in the European Parliament where MEPs are voting this week on whether to keep some pandemic-era exceptions for the aviation sector. But Chris MacManus says those rules only benefit bigger airports.

Chris MacManus

♫ Music this week from Norway (Kaizers Orchestra ) and Denmark ( Blæst)

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October 02nd 2022

Oct 02nd 2022

The State of Nature in the EU_brochure


“The European Commission is threatening to take Ireland to the European Court of Justice if it fails to stop illegal peat extraction in protected areas.
The Commission today called on Ireland to take action to stop the ongoing cutting of peat in areas designated to conserve raised bogs
and blanket bogs under the EU Habitats Directive.
The Commission says peat cutting activities in these areas are still ongoing and enforcement action by the Irish authorities “appears to have stalled”

♫ Music this week from Finland and Italy. ♪

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